Photo Of A Reverse Mortgage Lender Employee In Lake Oswego, OR - Reverse Mortgage NorthwestReverse Mortgage Northwest is part of Pacific Residential Mortgage, one of the Northwest’s leading mortgage banks since 2004. Our role at Reverse Mortgage Northwest is simple: to help you recapture and put to good use the money you have already invested in your home. We will take the time and provide the guidance to ensure this step is taken in a professional and friendly manner, and that you have an outstanding lending experience.

Photo Of Employee Explaining Benefits Of Reverse Mortgage In Portland, OR - Reverse Mortgage Northwest

Our Philosophy and Advantages of Doing Business with Us

We are your local experts specializing in helping senior borrowers and their families understand and navigate the complexities of a reverse mortgage. We are here to help you recapture and put to good use the money you have already invested in your own home.

With more than a decade of experience, we are committed to serving our clients with the highest level of integrity and honesty, providing clear and constant communication to ensure a smooth financial transaction.

Our Team

Image Of A Reverse Mortgage Lender Employee In Bend, OR - Reverse Mortgage Northwest

Jeff Foody MLO-253303

Jeff has been serving the reverse mortgage industry since 2002, a time when it was a relatively obscure concept. Since then, the industry has evolved to where reverse mortgages are widely understood and often used by thousands of homeowners who are 62 and older.
Jeff has been called as one of the country’s foremost experts on reverse mortgages and frequently presents the benefits to large audiences. He is also a regular speaker at the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association convention. His belief in the advantages of reverse mortgages is so strong that even his parents are happily enjoying one of their own.

Image Of A Reverse Mortgage Employee In Lake Oswego, OR - Reverse Mortgage Northwest

Rick Eckard MLO-406221

Rick has been active in the real estate and mortgage industry for over 35 years. Rick has that special blend of knowledge, creativity and intense customer loyalty that are common among top producers in the field. No stranger to reverse mortgages, now Rick is about to add a new perspective as he and his wife are in the process of using a Reverse Mortgage on the purchase of their own home.

Image Of A Reverse Mortgage Employee In Lake Oswego, OR - Reverse Mortgage Northwest

Darius Jone MLO 1541754

In Darius’ 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, he has seen the changing landscape of financial products and vast fluctuations in the markets. This uncertainty in the market has made it increasingly apparent there is a serious need for senior Americans to plan for their retirement years. Recognizing the options that the reverse mortgage can offer, Darius sees an opportunity to serve families and focus on helping homeowners, 62 and older, understand and utilize the tools available to them.


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